Transform Your School Contest!

Recycle Everywhere 101 wants to increase beverage container recycling rates within Manitoba schools, and educate students about the benefits of recycling at the same time!

Introducing the RE101 Transform Your School Contest, a creative and fun way to engage students in recycling. We’re inviting you, staff and students, to find ways to improve your school’s recycling habits and spread awareness about recycling right in your community.

By taking the pledge to transform your school you’ll also be entered to win $2,500 that can be put towards a school improvement project!

It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to transform, but here are some ideas below:

• Create a video of students recycling right

• Design special posters to inform others how to recycle beverage containers

• Host an assembly or event to share about recycling right

• Conduct classroom or school-wide waste audits. Are there items in the trash that could be recycled?

• Take your classroom out for a walk in the neighbourhood. Is a litter clean-up needed?

You can review and/or download the Pledge Form here.

You can review and/or download the Contest Rules.