Recycling Leader

Red River College diverts more than 13,000 kg of recyclable materials, including empty beverage containers, away from the landfill! We spoke with the Sara MacArthur, the college’s Manager of Sustainability, about the Recycle Everywhere program at Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning.

Sara MacArthur - Manager of Sustainability at Red River College

Sara MacArthur — Manager of Sustainability, Red River College

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Sara MacArthur. I’m the Manager of Sustainability for all nine of Red River College’s campuses, and we have a recycling team. I work on a variety of programs to reduce our environmental impacts on campus – from reducing single occupancy vehicles commuting to campus, to increasing local and ethically sourced foods in our cafeterias and more. One important aspect of my job is to reduce the amount of materials we send to the landfill by recycling and composting as much as possible.

How long has Red River College been a Recycle Everywhere partner?

Red River College has been a partner with Recycle Everywhere for more than six years.

What prompted the decision to become a Recycle Everywhere partner?

We became a partner with Recycle Everywhere because we believe that a well-run, accessible and consistent recycling program is a central component to our institution’s sustainability program. We’ve been grateful to Recycle Everywhere for providing us with indoor and outdoor recycling bins that help us meet our sustainability goals.

How does the college utilize Recycle Everywhere bins?

We have Recycle Everywhere bins in our cafeterias and at the main entrances of some of our campuses.

How do the Recycle Everywhere bins benefit the college on a regular basis?

Our Recycle Everywhere bins send a message that Red River College cares about sustainability. We’re making it easy for all our students, faculty, staff and visitors to recycle their empty beverage containers.

Do you find that students and visitors use the bins to their fullest potential?

We conduct waste audits and visual inspections to determine how well our recycling program is running. An ongoing challenge we have is ensuring our students and staff know that coffee cups can’t be recycled. Despite challenges like these, our bins are still used quite well.

With the help of Recycle Everywhere, Red River College diverts more than 13,000 kg of recyclable materials, including empty beverage containers, away from the landfill every year. I challenge all college, university and high school students to ensure their containers end up in a Recycle Everywhere bin!