Where to Recycle

Manitoba has a comprehensive recycling system that includes a broad range of materials – not only beverage containers. Consumers in Manitoba can recycle their beverage containers at home in the Blue Box, or out and about through Recycle Everywhere’s public space program. This system makes it very convenient to recycle and is one of a kind to Manitoba.

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Recycle Everywhere beverage container bin on Provencher Bridge, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Looking to recycle more than just beverage containers?

Every kilogram of material we keep out of the trash helps to extend the life of our landfills and creates more sustainable communities. That’s why Recycle Everywhere is proud to be part of the group of stewardship organizations in Manitoba focused on diverting as much waste as possible from the landfill. From old electronics and batteries to paints and hazardous materials, you can use this tool to help you figure out which waste goes where.

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