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From blockbuster battles to raccoon reminders, Recycle Everywhere will do anything to help Manitobans continue to put their empty beverage containers into a blue bin. Take a look at our most recent work, where it’s about getting the right stuff into the right place.


No matter how healthy you think your recycling habits are, a check-up is important. Take a look at this video series and learn about the most damaging contaminators in our recycling system.


The Right Stuff

Small in stature, big on action. Watch our team of recyclable heroes go on an animated adventure in order to get to where they belong. We can’t wait for you to see what they’re made of.


Set An Example

Whatever you’re doing, you’re setting an example. Do whatever it takes to recycle all your empty beverage containers. 

Whatever you're doing, you're setting an example. Do whatever it takes to recycle your empty beverage containers.

The Raccoons

We’ve teamed up with recycling experts Bernie and Gracie to help spread the word on good beverage container recycling habits. Learn why they’re so passionate and hear their tips on getting every container into a blue bin.

Bernie the Raccoon cooking a fish on a barbecue.

We’ll come to you

He’s short. He’s blue. And he’s hungry. Watch our bin in action as he goes on the hunt for empty beverage containers.

Blue Recycle Everywhere Bin with logo

Bennett’s Bike

This young person is making a big difference. See how a 10-year-old entrepreneur has made it his business to make sure recyclables, including empty beverage containers, end up in the right place.

Recycle Everywhere All Star, Bennet, riding his bike at Victoria Beach

Reverse Transformation

You wouldn’t believe how many things wouldn’t exist without recycled beverage containers.

A bicycle, sleeping bag and frying pan - all products of recycled beverage containers

Recycling All-Stars

Recycling leaders are in every community. Meet a few and learn how they’re helping keep empty beverage containers out of the trash.

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Everyone Recycle Everywhere

Recycling is easy to do, no matter who you are or how you do it.