Shae Weekes

Shae Weekes will play for the University of Manitoba Bisons Football Team this fall and is a Recycle Everywhere All-Star. He chatted with us recently about the importance of recycling empty beverage containers while on the field.

Shae Weekes - Recycling Advocate & University of Manitoba Bisons Player

Shae Weekes — U of M Bisons

During games, myself and the other athletes consume a lot of water and sports drinks. The time we have to rest between plays is limited, so often players are in a rush to consume a large amount of the drinks in a short period of time.

I believe it’s important to recycle empty beverage containers for three reasons:

  1. First of all, it keeps the playing field clear and available for the game
  2. Secondly, it helps those people who have to maintain the playing field
  3. It’s good for the environment both visually and physically. These containers may harm the animals and plants that live near the playing surface. By recycling we will not only make our playing fields safer but also help the environment!

My advice is to tell others to pick up their empty beverage containers. A simple reminder may even involve you picking up the container in front of a person to help get your point across.