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Schools across Manitoba are taking the pledge to transform their recycling programs and win $2,500 for a school project! Recycle Everywhere 101 wants to increase beverage container recycling rates within Manitoba schools, and educate students about the benefits of recycling at the same time.

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Recycling at School

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92% of primary and secondary schools in Manitoba have now partnered with Recycle Everywhere 101 – a free, province-wide program that encourages schools to boost their beverage container recycling rates. Teachers, staff and students have all embraced the initiative and our relationships and contesting have only helped to further promote the benefits of beverage container recycling.

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BINjamin the Recycle Everywhere mascot giving a presentation on the RE101 program

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Looking to teach your students more about the benefits of beverage container recycling? Have a representative come to your classroom or assembly for a presentation or workshop on the importance of beverage container recycling.

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Simply fill out our registration form and select the number and style of bins you need. They’ll be delivered within a few weeks, along with t-shirts, posters and other promotional items to get your students involved. All you have to do is handle collection.

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