The perfect accessory for your kitchen, makes it convenient to do the right thing.

Beverage Container Recycling Starts at Home

Recycle Everywhere is committed to the recovery of every empty can, carton, juice box, glass and plastic bottle in Manitoba. To help achieve this goal, we want to encourage and make it easier for Manitobans to recycle their empty beverage containers at home. We have started to roll out a program in which we distribute a small-sized Recycle Everywhere bin that is perfect for placing in your kitchen. So when your beverage container is empty, you can easily recycle it in your home before transferring your recyclables to your recycling cart. These Recycle Everywhere bins are currently limited in quantities and are being distributed to specific communities and municipalities across Manitoba.

To inquire if you are eligible for an at-home Recycle Everywhere bin, contact us at or call 204.942.2284.

Your Recycling Bin is the Start
of an Amazing Journey

When you recycle your empty beverage containers, you’re giving them a life beyond the landfill. Follow the container and see what happens when you recycle at home. 

Tips for Recycling at Home

Here are a few tips to help you become a better beverage container recycler: 

  • Place a recycling bin right next to or near your garbage bin in your kitchen. This will make it convenient for everyone to recycle rather than throwing items in the trash.
  • Put a reminder on the fridge that cans, cartons, juice boxes, glass or plastic bottles are all recyclable.
  • Make sure your beverage containers are empty before putting them in the recycling bin. Left over liquid can contaminate a whole cart of recyclables!

Give Them a Life
Beyond the Landfill

Recycle Everywhere is proud to be part of the group of stewardship organizations in Manitoba focused on diverting as much waste as possible from landfills. From old electronics and batteries to paints and hazardous materials, you can use this tool to help you figure out which waste goes where.

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Recycle Bins Beyond Your Home

There are more than 57,000 Recycle Everywhere bins in communities throughout Manitoba. If you’d like Recycle Everywhere bins for your community space, workplace, event or other public space, check out our bin model page and get started today.

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