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Manitoba is the only Province in Canada to have a public space recycling program that stretches from corner to corner. Whether it be a park, event, community centre or streetscape, Recycle Everywhere wants to make it easy for Manitobans to recycle when out and about in their community.

Recycle Everywhere beverage container bin in front of the Manitoba border sign
Children from Northern & First Nations communities participating in community recycling programs

Northern & First Nations Communities

Each year, the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and its Recycle Everywhere program, along with Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), invite all Northern and First Nations communities in Manitoba to participate in the annual Northern and First Nations Community Clean-up. This program helps communities combat litter and increase recycling awareness as well as offering a contesting incentive to participate. We also offer free recycling bins for Northern & First Nations Communities public spaces where people gather.

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Whether it’s a community centre, local pool or other public space where people in your community gather, you can now find Recycle Everywhere bins in almost every municipality, town and city in Manitoba. If there is a public space in your community where you’d like to see recycling, click on the link below to order your free Recycle Everywhere bins.

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City of Winnipeg Recycle Everywhere dual stream bin

Northern Schools Backhaul Project

The Northern Schools Backhaul Project was first launched in 2017 with two schools and has since grown to five schools in Manitoba’s North. All the recyclables at these locations is compiled by students and staff, and then collected by Arctic Beverages to be transported to a nearby Material Recovery Facility to be processed. The project is a culmination of hard work from Recycle Everywhere, Arctic Beverages, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Cascades and Frontier Schools Division. Click here to learn more!

Northern Community Recycling Toolkit

Establishing a recycling program in some communities can be challenging. Where do you start? Who do you contact? How do you get the recovered materials out of the community to be recycled? To help address this, Recycle Everywhere has participated in the creation of a Recycling Toolkit. The Toolkit is an interactive step-by-step guide to recycling. Although it is geared to First Nation communities it can be applied to any community in Manitoba.

Recycling Toolkit

Image for the Toolkit for Manitoba First Nations and Northern Communities
Recycle Everywhere street team promoting beverage container recycling at local events

Street Team

Our street team travels across Manitoba throughout the year to promote beverage container recycling. In addition to games, giveaways and educational material, we also bring recycling infrastructure to make your event green and clean. Let us help you to minimize waste and maximize recycling. Invite our team to attend and set up recycling at your next event. Our mascot, BINjamin may even be in attendance if available the day of your event or if requested.

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