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Recycling in Campgrounds and Cottages

We’re proud to roll out our Recycle Everywhere Bin Bag program to all Manitobans! The Bin Bag was designed to help Manitobans recycle when out at the cottage, camping, or on-the-go.

Camper couple sitting next to a blue Recycle Everywhere bag bin

Bin Bag

The Bin Bag is designed to help Manitobans recycle when on the move in the province. It is a light-weight, structured yet collapsible recycling bag, with fabric handles making it easy to carry. The Bin Bag has extra capacity to store more recyclables and is reusable for those who spend longer periods of time away from home.

Below is a list of locations where you can pick up your Bin Bags, pending availability while supplies last. This list will be updated throughout the summer as we confirm new locations.

  • May Long Weekend: Manny’s Live Bait – 44156 Municipal Rd 41 East, Ste. Anne, MB
  • May Long Weekend: West Hawk Lake Resort – 675 West Hawk Blvd, Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB
  • May Long Weekend: Pinawa Municipal Office – 36 Burrows Rd, Pinawa, MB
  • May Long Weekend: Victoria Beach General Store – 111 Birch Ave, Victoria Beach, MB
  • May Long Weekend: Saffie’s General Store – 2 Girard St, Victoria Beach, MB
  • June: Falcon Lake Meat and Grocery

If your location is not listed above, check with your local cottage association.

Clear Recycling Bags

Overnight campers are provided with a large, clear recycling bag with an easily recognizable Recycle Everywhere logo on them. These are used to collect their empty beverage containers during their stay rather than throwing them in the garbage. Once full, campers bring the bags to the central recycling drop off location in the campground, or to the nearest recycling facility. The goal is to supply every overnight camper in Manitoba with a clear recycling bag, making beverage container recycling easy and convenient at their home away from home. You can visit your campground office to get your free recycling bag.

Children smiling as they hold free Recycle Everywhere clear recycling bags

Bag Ordering

If you are you in charge of a campground or cottage area, contact Recycle Everywhere to request our Bin Bags and/or clear recycling bags.

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