Northern Backhaul Project

The Northern Schools Backhaul Project is a culmination of hard work from Recycle Everywhere, Arctic Beverages, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Cascades and Frontier Schools Division.

The project was launched as a pilot in 2017 with two schools participating; Norway House and Cross Lake. Recyclables from the two schools were compiled by students and staff, then collected by Arctic Beverages. These recyclables were transported to a nearby Material Recovery Facility to be processed.

After the successful pilot year, the project was officially approved and the participating schools were honoured during a congratulatory celebration in Norway House. Representatives from Arctic Beverages, both participating schools, local Councillors and former Minister of Sustainable Development Hon. Rochelle Squires were in attendance.

Three more schools along Arctic Beverages route accepted the challenge and joined the Northern Schools Backhaul Project.

List of participating schools:

  • Norway House – Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre
  • Cross Lake – D.R. Hamilton School
  • Nelson House: Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate (NNOC)
  • Split Lake: Chief Sam Cook – Mahmuwee Education Centre
  • South Indian Lake: Oscar Blackburn School

School Profiles

Norway House – Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre

For the students and staff at Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre, joining the Northern Schools Backhaul Project allowed them to start a successful recycling program.

“Without the help of the backhaul program with Arctic beverages our recycling program would have failed,” Robert Rideout with the Norway House School said. “They have made it easy for us to get our recycling taken out and they have been very friendly and open. We appreciate working with them and hope to continue our relationship for years to come.”

A Green Team made up of students and staff has taken on the responsibility of managing and organizing the collection of recyclables in the school. They plan to use the investment from Recycle Everywhere to increase the amount of recyclables they’re able to collect by purchasing a large storage trailer.

Cross Lake – D.R. Hamilton School

Students and staff at D.R. Hamilton School have always had a passion for recycling. Even with the challenges presented to them by their remote location, they started a recycling program in 2012 with their recyclables being picked up by school division consultants when they came through on other business.

When asked if they wanted to join the Northern Schools Backhaul Project, they jumped at the opportunity for regular pickups and larger loads. Since 2017, D.R. Hamilton School has been a valuable part of the Northern Schools Backhaul Project. Their recyclables continue to be picked up and transported to a nearby Material Recovery Facility by Arctic Beverages.

“I love that Arctic Beverages is an Indigenous owned business making such a HUGE difference in Indigenous communities,” Andrea MacIvor withD.R. Hamilton School said. “The partnership through the backhaul program is the best of all worlds — meaningful and needed support while allowing community advocates to develop infrastructure that fits the unique needs of the North.”