Recycling Leader

The Forks has been a Recycle Everywhere partner since 2010, with 195 bins on-site. We spoke to Dave Pancoe, Manager of Special Projects at The Forks, and lead on Target Zero, The Forks’ sustainability initiative, about the impact of beverage container recycling for the site’s 4 million annual visitors.

Dave Pancoe - Manager of Special Projects at The Forks

Dave Pancoe — Manager of Special Projects, The Forks

Paired recycling bins available to visitors at The Forks

Paired Bins at The Forks

Recycle Everywhere Bins at The Forks

Recycle Everywhere Bins at The Forks

Why did The Forks make the decision to become a Recycle Everywhere partner?

Recycle Everywhere approached The Forks and we thought it was a great fit. It’s a very recognizable symbol, and we knew it would help us meet our own sustainability goals. We have a vision to be a model for sustainable development by integrating environmentally-friendly approaches into the renewal and maintenance of the site.

Tell us more about that vision, and how Recycle Everywhere fits in.

We came up with Target Zero, a program that aims to implement innovative and responsible environmental practices that will move The Forks towards a goal of zero garbage, zero water waste and zero emissions. It’s an ambitious goal, and recycling all of the beverage containers that are consumed on-site is a big part of getting there.

Do you find that patrons at The Forks utilize the bins to their fullest potential?

Patrons at The Forks have been great at using the Recycle Everywhere bins. Everyone recognizes them. It’s a really great way for people to participate in making a difference, any way that they can.

What would you tell Manitobans about the Recycle Everywhere program?

We challenge all Manitobans to recycle their empty beverage containers when they’re at The Forks and always!