Why is contamination important to avoid?

Effective in 2017, China announced a ban on certain specifications of recyclables and set an allowable contaminate rate of 0.5%. This has affected the global market and increased the need for people to recycle effectively in their own jurisdictions. While not all our materials are sent to China, the more diligent Manitobans can be with [...]

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What are the most common contaminants in our Recycle Everywhere bins?

Leftover liquids, food and food soiled materials, disposable coffee cups, similar types of open cups and lids are the major contaminants of our Recycle Everywhere bins. Leftover liquid in beverage containers can spill and cause contamination of paper products in our bins, before it makes it to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), sending the contents [...]

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Are black plastics recyclable?

Beverage containers are almost never made up of black plastic. Black plastic is not accepted at the Material Recovery Facility that handles Winnipeg’s municipal recycling, but it’s always important to check with your community to see what is accepted in your recycling program.

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