Leftover liquids, food and food soiled materials, disposable coffee cups, similar types of open cups and lids are the major contaminants of our Recycle Everywhere bins.

Leftover liquid in beverage containers can spill and cause contamination of paper products in our bins, before it makes it to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), sending the contents to the landfill instead. Emptying your beverage containers can go a long way to help keep recyclables out of the landfill!

Food and food soiled material, such as sandwich wrappers and greasy pizza boxes meant for the trash also contaminates the contents of our bins.

CBCRA is responsible for the recovery of sealed beverage containers as mandated by the Government of Manitoba. Therefore, our Recycle Everywhere bins are meant for recyclable material only – such as aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, cartons and juice boxes.  These items don’t need to be rinsed, simply emptied.

Disposable Coffee cups or similar types of other open cups aren’t accepted in Recycle Everywhere bins at this point and are considered contamination in many recycling programs because of the material composition of the cups, and the lack of a viable end-market for these materials. Each brand of coffee cup can be made up of very different materials for the lining and outer casing, this makes it hard for processors to come up with a universal solution to separate these materials from each other.

Some communities may accept open cups or lids but it’s always important to check with your local municipality first. In Winnipeg, the whole coffee cup including the lid is not recyclable.

The recycling industry is ever-changing which will hopefully lead to future developments with this material type.