Recycle Everywhere 101

Recycle Everywhere’s free new program to get schools recycling all their empty beverage containers.


Introducing Recycle Everywhere 101

Recycle Everywhere School Program Brochure

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The program is simple; you sign up your school right here with Recycle Everywhere 101. Then, select the number and style(s) of recycling bins that you need, and within a few weeks we’ll drop them off right on your doorstep. All you have to handle is collection.

Along with the bins, we’ll drop off some T-shirts, posters, and other incentive items for you to use as encouragement to get your school involved. We’ll even give you some bin placement tips and promotions ideas to kick start the program.

This program is designed for Manitoba schools, and is a fantastic way to get your students and staff working together to accomplish a goal.

How to get register for the program

Just fill out the registration form to get your school recycling every empty can, carton, juice box and bottle in sight! Already registered for RE101 but need more bins for your school? Use the button below to order additional Recycle Everywhere bins!

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How to promote Recycle Everywhere 101

Download PDF

Download PDF

Here are some great ways to kick off Recycle Everywhere 101 in your school. Use these promotional ideas to get your students and staff involved in the program, and to reward recycling participants.
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RE101 Activity Booklet

Teach students about recycling with the RE101 Activity Booklet, including interactive games and a waste audit challenge.

Hold a recycling pep rally

Bring students together in your school’s gymnasium and challenge them to recycling carnival games like ‘Bottle toss’, ‘Guess how many’, or recycling trivia. For example, display items such as jackets and bikes, made from various types of recycled beverage containers, and have students guess what type of container was used to make them. These games will get the students participating in recycling and enjoying the process.

Make recycling a daily practice

Call out daily recycling reminders during your morning announcements and at lunch times. Reminding students to recycle while they’re actively drinking their beverages will increase recycling in your school.

Rally recycling ambassadors

Start a ‘Bin Squad’ of students to assist with the program. Get a group of 10 students together to educate their classmates and encourage recycling throughout their classrooms. Give the ‘Bin Squad’ Recycle Everywhere 101
T-shirts to wear, both as a reward for their participation and a reminder to recycle for everyone else.

Compete for collection

Count the number of empty beverage containers recycled in each classroom every week and award a prize at the end of the month. A little friendly competition can really encourage participation!

Request a class presentation

Have a Recycle Everywhere representative come to your classroom for a 30 min presentation on the importance and benefits of beverage container recycling. To request a presentation contact Presentations will be scheduled subject to availability.

Reward recyclers

Create a surprise in-school event around one of your bins. Set up an exciting surprise (streamers, balloons, etc.) that triggers the very next time a specific recycling bin is used. Give the lucky recycler a Recycle Everywhere T-shirt and other prizes for their participation. The chance of being the next lucky recycler will encourage your students to recycle their empty beverage containers every time. As an example, see this video of the stunt we set up this summer: Everyone wins when you recycle everywhere!


Encourage students to capture or record their empty beverage container recycling efforts and email them to us. This could be a class project, or a school initiative used to wrap-up studying recycling.

Keep checking for more ideas and inspiration.

Share your Recycle Everywhere 101 ideas, experiences and recycling success stories with us. Email your pictures, videos or written stories and you might see them featured right here on our website!

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Recycle Everywhere 101

Recycle Everywhere 101

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